When the success or survival of your business is challenged by a partnership or shareholder disagreement, or a similar stressful and threatening organizational development — often involving decisions to sell, dissolve or persevere — you can benefit from the sound counsel of an experienced business lawyer.

Arizona Business Divorce Law Firm Handles Partnership Disputes
Phoenix and Scottsdale business dispute attorney William D. Black has been practicing since 1979. At The Law Offices of William D. Black, we help you evaluate developing business problems that can interfere with and compromise your company’s profitability and ultimate success.

We can help you to map strategies and take legal steps that ensure your company’s future success. If business dissolution or failure is an inescapable conclusion, we can help you to mitigate your losses. We are knowledgeable in bankruptcy law and, if necessary, have a bankruptcy specialist who works in an “of counsel” role with the firm to evaluate more sophisticated bankruptcy issues and problems.

Business partnerships unravel and business entities dissolve or deteriorate for many reasons. Oftentimes serious issues of alleged neglect or fraud are disputes that can be resolved only through litigation. Other times, it is simply time for the partners to sell or fold the business and move on to something different. Whatever the reason, an experienced lawyer is needed to help you through the process of a business dispute resolution, partnership divorce or business dissolution.

If you are dealing with a partnership dispute or business divorce in Scottsdale, the Phoenix metropolitan area or elsewhere in Arizona, you should speak with attorney William D. Black in an initial complimentary consultation.

Experienced Business Lawyer Aggressively Protecting Your Rights
The Law Offices of William D. Black extends our signature quality representation to corporate clients whose business ventures have been threatened or damaged for many different reasons, including:

  • Negligence and business torts/defamation lawsuits: Misconduct by a partner, shareholder or officer, and partnership disputes in general are some of the most common reasons for the demise and dissolution of once successful businesses.
  • Intellectual property disputes, and trademark and copyright litigation: When ideas and inventions are not properly registered, protected and administered between the partners or stockholders, serious internal disputes can develop. These are often contentious and may result in partnership disputes or business divorces.
  • Business sales and acquisitions: when a business is sold for a profit, or partners decide to liquidate and move in different directions

Whether a business divorce is diplomatically calculated or contentious, our law firm has the experience to evaluate the facts, determine your best business and legal posture, and negotiate a favorable resolution on your behalf. We have more than 30 years of experience successfully resolving business divorce disputes for our clients.

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