Legal Assistance With Arizona Restaurant and Liquor Licenses

Restaurants and bars that plan to survive in today’s competitive and often litigious business environment must take a proactive stance or risk being faced with sudden, potentially expensive legal problems.

Arizona Restaurant and Liquor License Law Attorney William D. Black
The professionals at The Law Offices of William D. Black work regularly with restaurateurs and bar owners in Scottsdale, Phoenix and throughout Arizona to address their highly specialized needs.

We are familiar with the unique legal issues that can arise in the restaurant and bar industries — and counsel clients regularly on a variety of such issues. We help restaurateurs and bar owners to establish their businesses, maintain their licenses and minimize their legal risks. We also help with the legal aspects of acquiring and selling restaurants and bars, and liquor licenses that accompany such transactions.

The skilled business lawyer to contact when a restaurant and liquor license controversy threatens to compromise the profitability of your Arizona company’s operations is William D. Black. Our boutique business law firm’s proven skills, personal service and more than 30 years of experience can translate to a positive resolution for you.

Protecting the Rights of Arizona Businesses for More Than 30 Years
The quality, experienced representation we provide includes:

  • Formation, maintenance and dissolution of corporations, limited liability companies and other business entities
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial leases and investor agreements
    Counsel for clients in the purchase and sale of restaurants and bars
  • Representation for registration and protection of trade names, trademarks, trade dress and other intellectual property
  • Preparation of liquor license and restaurant license applications, and defense against alleged license violations
  • Consulting with clients on potential liability issues such as premises liability, dram shop liability and other insurance matters
  • Handling all types of civil litigation arising out of commercial and customer disputes
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Scottsdale Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Rising unemployment, the foreclosure epidemic and growing instability of housing markets in Arizona and the U.S. have made the possibility of bankruptcy a devastating reality for many individuals and families.

Other features of the continuing recession — rising gas prices, increased expenditures and mounting credit card debt — have caused many people to seek protection through consumer bankruptcy filings. Serious hardships such as a job loss, serious injury leading to medical bills or a death in the family can instantly wreak havoc on your budget.

Experienced Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer Guides You to Your ‘Fresh Start’
When the possibilities of foreclosure, motor vehicle repossession or wage garnishment threaten your financial stability, and your ability to hang onto your home, contact experienced bankruptcy attorney William D. Black to assure that your rights are protected.

At The Law Offices of William D. Black, our attorneys have guided Scottsdale and Phoenix clients to the “fresh start” that helps them recover from debt. We show you how to preserve your assets including your home and other real estate, and help you to determine your most viable legal option to put you back on a sound financial footing.

Consumer bankruptcy attorney William D. Black is here for you — in Scottsdale and Phoenix. He has devoted a good amount of his practice in the last several years to clients who have been victimized by our recent economic downturn. If you wish to speak to Mr. Black about your current bankruptcy needs, you may contact him by calling toll free: 888-349-3599.

Stop Foreclosure, Repossession and Creditor Harassment
Federal bankruptcy protections are “on the books” to help you save your home and protect your property interests. At The Law Offices of William D. Black, we are experienced in:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — a liquidation approach that discharges medical and credit card debt
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — a reorganization strategy whose “automatic stay” stops foreclosure, repossession, garnishment and creditor harassment

William D. Black takes the time to assess your unique situation and needs. He gives you facts that lead to sound decisions about your future. You can always trust our law firm to provide forthright and reliable advice. We take every opportunity to best protect your rights and interests.

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Scottsdale Employment Law Attorney

For employers, our Phoenix and Scottsdale employment law attorneys work proactively to keep you out of trouble — and stand ready when problems arise. We have the expertise to handle actions involving claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, defamation, breach of non-compete covenants, confidentiality agreements, customer protection agreements, anti-piracy agreements, anti-solicitation agreements and other employment-related issues.

Helping Companies Avoid Employment-Related Claims
We can also assist our business clients in preparing personnel policies and manuals and can advise them on the implementation of procedures relating thereto. Our objective is to provide our clients with the knowledge, materials and systems to help them solve employee relations problems before they develop into litigation matters. We work to help you avoid litigation, administrative claims, inefficiencies, and distractions, so you can keep your business operating smoothly and profitably.

Representing Employees in Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, and Sexual Harassment Claims
For executives and employees, we have successfully represented workers in all types of matters, including claims involving wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, whistleblowing and breach of contract. Generally in order to make our representation cost-efficient on these types of claims, we will not undertake representation unless the employee has suffered or will suffer substantial damages. Among the type cases we work on are:

  • Age Discrimination
  • Sex Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • Discrimination Based on Nationality or Country of Origin
  • Discrimination Based on Religion or Family Status
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