The Law Offices of William D. Black entertainment and sports law attorneys in our Phoenix and Scottsdale offices represent professional athletes and entertainers. We draft and negotiate major contracts and endorsement deals. We can handle every facet of our entertainment clients’ business and personal affairs, including providing general business and real estate advice and advice in diversified other areas of the law.

Experienced Scottsdale Entertainment Agreement Lawyer William D. Black
Astute advice in contract negotiations and drafting is especially critical for those just entering the entertainment business. Skillful legal representation can assure your success and can protect you from being exploited. You can avoid the need to renegotiate or restructure bad agreements or ultimately the need for you to litigate to enforce or protect your rights.

The Law Offices of William D. Black in Scottsdale and Phoenix offers experienced representation in entertainment law to new talent, production companies and all players in the industry. Our founding attorney William D. Black has extensive experience — more than 30 years — in contract law, and has represented individuals and companies locally and nationally film, TV, radio and music matters.

Your Scottsdale or Phoenix entertainment law needs are in capable hands when you trust us with your important legal matters. We are a boutique business law firm whose reputation is built on innovative, resourceful and responsive representation. We work hard to protect your rights, and to deliver attentive personal service that brings you profitability and peace of mind.

More Than 30 Years of Successful Service to Arizona Businesses
We provide entertainment law counsel to actors, writers, singers, musicians, songwriters, directors, editors, cinematographers, production companies and recording studios, preparing and reviewing all types of contracts and agreements; addressing issues such as copyright protection, royalties and residuals from concerts and touring, CD sales, broadcast and re-broadcast; and merchandising of:

  • Recording contracts
  • Production contracts
  • Marketing agreements
  • Agreements among band members
  • Comprehensive “360-degree” deals

Mr. Black has helped many performers and industry professionals to negotiate their original contracts or to renegotiate their deals to more favorable terms, or to resolve disputes over copyright or royalty issues. When entertainment law disputes cannot be resolved, Mr. Black is an accomplished business litigation trial lawyer who can initiate or defend legal action.

A Phoenix sports lawyer’s clients may include:

  • Amateur and professional athletes, coaches, referees, and league officials
  • National, regional, state, and local governing bodies
  • Athletic administrators
  • Sports facility owners and operators
  • Sports broadcasters

This list can be expanded further to include sports trainers, equipment manufacturers, sponsors, concessionaires, and all those who provide sports-related goods and services.

While sports law sounds like a highly specialized field, sports law firms in the Phoenix area must have a general knowledge of many areas of law. Since clients may include those in recreational, high school, college, and professional sports, a Phoenix sports and entertainment law attorney will be called to do work for his clients in a number of different areas including:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Salary arbitration hearings
  • Marketing and endorsement opportunities
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Event management
  • Sports franchise and facility marketing
  • Labor and workers compensation issues
  • Athlete representation

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