The declining health or death of a family member can bring out the worst in some people. Greed, lingering grudges and harbored animosities can lead to tense and emotional squabbles between family members over a loved one’s estate. Sometimes this occurs even before their death.

Scottsdale and Phoenix Will Contest Attorney William D. Black
Attorneys from The Law Offices of William D. Black in Scottsdale and Phoenix represent clients in Arizona in a broad range of inheritance disputes. The probate litigation lawyer who safeguards your interests in these matters is our founder, William D. Black — for more than 30 years, a skilled negotiator and litigator of his clients’ rights in disputes of all kinds.

Your initial complimentary consultation with Mr. Black is as close as your phone: 888-349-3599, toll free. You can also reach him by e-mail.

Is Your Inheritance Dispute Dividing Your Family?
Our trusted boutique law firm is highly familiar with all issues that can lead to disputes in probate and trust administration, such as:

  • Undue influence — convincing a dying person to exclude other legal heirs from the will or reduce their shares
  • Proof of heirs controversies
  • Lack of testamentary capacity — arguing that Alzheimer’s, dementia or another condition prevented the person from signing a valid will and/or trust
  • Mysterious last-minute changes to a will — typically implicating a caregiver with an agenda
  • Lost property — recovering property taken from the estate by caregivers, children or the personal representative
  • Intestate litigation — disputes over the wishes of family member who died without a will
  • Breach of fiduciary duty — fraud, negligence or incompetence of the person appointed to settle the estate

William D. Black is an experienced Scottsdale and Phoenix civil litigation attorney who has successfully processed numerous probate litigation cases. If you were suspiciously excluded from a will, or believe that a family member is stealing assets, or have other doubts about the propriety of certain probate or trust proceedings, The Law Offices of William D. Black can help you to uncover the truth, re-establish your rights and recover money to which you are justly entitled. Also, if you are serving as personal representative of a will, trustee of a trust or in some other capacity relating to an estate and are falsely accused of breach of fiduciary duty, negligence or some other malfeasance, we can evaluate your case and possibly provide legal assistance in your defense.

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